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Grape varieties

Seeking perfection
The high quality of each of our wines, whether of a single grape variety or of an 'assemblage' of several, is rooted in recognising the needs of each variety: in its soil, orientation, pruning, and many other factors.
The work and exacting care given to each variety across the seasons of the year is the best way to assure a grape harvest that is completely healthy and perfectly ripe: the basis of a fine nose and perfect balance of taste.

The Vineyard Year 

Winter pruning

Selecting the young shoots

Removing offshoots

Trellis Management & Vine Training


Green Harvest

Deleafing of lower foliage


A Respect for nature

The basis of our viticulture is a vineyard soil of elements that are in balance, composed of adequate organic matter, and well-structured as a result of microbiological activity. It is only in such an environment that one will find the sort of natural interaction to encourage life and growth, which will sustain the multiplicity of living organisms and plants, and where nature's equilibrium is best respected. Only under these conditions will vines prosper in good health, and resist sickness and harmful pests.
This outlook obliges us to reduce to a minimum the amount of fertiliser and sprays that we use, and to renounce absolutely the use of chemical fertiliser.

Protection of the environment

The vineyard is terraced across the higher ground. In between the terraces are large areas of steeply sloping land covered with trees, bushes, herbs and flowers - a haven for a large range of flora and fauna, where you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery and the scent of the plants. We are doing our best to protect these spaces, and never to encroach upon them.

Viticulture raisonnée contrôlée Sustainable viticulture

In the year 2000 we started to work in full accordance with the agreed standards laid down by Vitealis for "viticulture raisonnée contrôlée". These state, amongst other things, that the plants must be regularly inspected for disease and infestation. At every check the number of diseased plants and other observations are formally recorded, and no treatment may be made until a certain threshold is passed. There are also limitations on the use of agrochemical products and the levels of use. An independent organisation, Veritas, keeps an independent check on conformance with these rules.

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